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John Deere 2140 Tractor Operator’s Manual OML40936 - PDF

John Deere 2140 Tractor Operator’s Manual OML40936 - PDF

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The John Deere 2140 Tractor Operator's Manual is your essential guide to the features and benefits of the 2140 tractor. This professional grade manual provides detailed instructions on the operation and maintenance of your tractor. It includes diagrams and illustrations to help you understand the inner workings of this iconic piece of machinery.

This John Deere 2140 Tractor Operator’s Manual is a crucial resource for any tractor owner, providing detailed instructions and helpful visuals for an informed understanding of the machine’s capabilities. Gain expert knowledge of the engine, transmission, and other key components with this official PDF.

Models Covered:
John Deere 2140 Tractor (From S/N 450,000L)

Manual Contents:
Controls and Instruments
Break-In Period
Operating the Engine
Operating the Tractor
Operator’s Station
Treads, Tires, Ballast
Rockshaft, Three-Point Hitch
Power Take-Off
Fuel, Lubricants, Coolant
Removing Access Covers
Lubrication and Periodic Service
Service-Air Intake System
Service-Cooling System
Service-Axle and Wheels
Service-Fuel System
Service-Electrical System
Service-Heater and Air Conditioning System
Tractor Storage
Identification Numbers
Lubrication and Maintenance Records

Configuration: PDF File
Language Type: English
Clarification: Illustration Diagrams
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Cooperative With All Versions Of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

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